Troy E. Spier, Ph.D.

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M40 Bantu Linguistic Varieties and Ethnolinguistic Groups

The following bibliography was created and is maintained exclusively by me. Because it is meant to be exhaustive, it will be updated as more published and/or unpublished scholarship is found. PDFs are provided only for extremely dated work or those already available to the public. Nonetheless, this bibliography may not be partially or fully reproduced without prior approval.

  1. General (Luapula, Zambia and Katanga, D.R. Congo)
  2. Bwile (M401) [bwc]
  3. Aushi (M402) [auh]
  4. Taabwa (M41) [bem]
  5. Bemba (M42) [bem]
  6. Collection of Maps
 General (Luapula, Zambia and Katanga, D.R. Congo)
34 References

 Bwile (M401) [bwc]
2 References

 Aushi (M402) [auh]
17 References

 Taabwa (M41) [bem]
18 References

 Bemba (M42) [bem]
100 References