Troy E. Spier, Ph.D.

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Although my graduate training and fieldwork have prepared me to be a field linguist, my undergraduate training was in English/Secondary Education. As a result, my research reflects my deep-rooted interest in and investment to interdisciplinary research that enables the coalescence of different academic perspectives. For my dissertation, this was realized by working with male and female (grandparental) native speakers of Ikyaushi, in order to produce a collection of texts, a small dictionary, and an accompanying descriptive grammar. On the other hand, my current scholarship foregrounds applied issues related to linguistic landscapes, ethnolinguistic identity, and intersections of language, ideology, and power. Recently, I've also developed an interest in the use of computational tools to create corpora and conduct automated processing of data.

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 Peer-Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters:
  1. (In Press) Spier, Troy E. 2022. "Ideological Exclusion: Defining the (Dis)believer in Extremist Muslim Periodicals - Dabiq and Inspire." In Discourse, Media, and Conflict: Examining War and Resolution in the News, edited by Innocent Chiluwa. Cambridge University Press.
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 Invited/Peer-Reviewed Book Reviews:
  1. (Forthcoming) Spier, Troy E. 2021. Review of The Oxford Handbook of Language and Society by Ofelia García, Nelson Flores, and Massimiliano Spotti (2020). LINGUIST List.
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 Edited Volumes:
  1. Spier, Troy E. 2021. Arusha Working Papers in African Linguistics, 3(1): 84 pp.   PDF Link
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